• Výuka angličtiny
  • 28 let,
  • Student of VSE,
  • Half British and half Spanish,
  • Growing up in Great Britain,
  • Experiences with teacher for four years,
  • English Teacher,
my name is Antonio and I am student at CULS studying Environmental Geosciences. I come from Spain and my mother is English, so I’ve been brought up speaking in English since my childhood. I love playing football, travelling and meeting people from all around the world. I have one year of experience with tutoring English and helping people improve their speaking as a conversation assistant.

I came to the Czech Republic to study here and to see a central European country. I have found out that the Czech people are very friendly and that Prague is a very nice city. I was lucky that language school Anglickyzarok asked me to work for them, because being a tutor of English in a foreign country is a perfect job for me. I can meet lots of people that would like to learn something new and I can learn more about the Czech Republic. I'm looking forward to meet you. See you.

My level of English is C1.

If you would like to have a lesson with me, please have a look in here.

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Hlavní Tel: 777 503 023, Email: anglickyzarok@gmail.com
Záložní Tel: 608 752 361

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