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My name is Vafa Ashumova.

I was born and grew up in Baku in a common Azeri family.

The year I entered the university was critical for my country. The Soviet Union collapsed. Usual life course of the country was broken. At the same time that was a period of new great opportunities. Many multinational companies came to Azerbaijan to establish business there. They required local specialists with a good knowledge of English. Lots of Azeri students were interested in learning English. I was one of them. It helped me to be employed by large international companies later on.

It’s now five years since I have been living in Prague. Prague is very beautiful city. I like the lifestyle and people here. I am learning Czech and can say that my knowledge of English helps me in this matter. When you can speak one foreign language it is always easier to learn another one. New knowledge means more interesting meetings and opportunities.

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