Teaching English,
21 years old,
English Teacher at the University of Life Science,
Passionate about languages (I speak five: English, Czech, Spanish, German, Dutch),
Worked as an English teacher for kids in Spain,
Bachelor of Czech Studies,

Dear students!

My name is Martyna, passionate teacher, linguist, traveler and student.

I started learning English many years ago when I was a kid, but I truly fell in love with it almost 9 years ago, in middle school. I had an amazing teacher who showed me how fun and pleasant learning a language can be. After that, I was only meeting teachers that were inspiring me more and more. I never stopped learning English, because mastering it is a never-ending process. To improve it, I took a C2 conversation course this summer. After high school when I was 18 I went to Spain for 3 months to teach kids English, I did three years in a row because it was one of the best experiences in my life.

Now I live in Prague, I'm an English teacher at the University of Life Science. I teach young people, who are easily bored, so I have to prepare very active and interesting lessons, which I think goes pretty well. I keep them awake even at 7 pm. I try to practice all of the skills, but not in a regular and boring way. I try to find out what are my students' interests and prepare materials that they will find amusing. Apart from that, what's the most important thing is that I like teaching, I want to do it and I never treat it like a duty. It's my hobby.

I speak Czech because I studied it for three years, but I'd rather not use it during our lessons, although it is possible to explain certain things, don't worry. I just think that lessons entirely in English are the most effective.
Hope to see you!

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