• Výuka angličtiny
  • 22 let,
  • Občanka Mallorcy,
  • Dlouhodobé zkušenosti s učením AJ,
  • Úroveň angličitny C2,
  • Zkušenosti s pobyty z UK a USA,
  • Zkušenosti s výukou obchodní angličtinyK,


My name is Maria, 22 years old girl. I am from Mallorca an small island from Spain. I am a very friendly, hard working person .

I've been learning and studying English for a long time .I had the chance to live in the uk and the USA for a few years.

I came to the Czech Republic because i wanted a change and i really like it so far. The people and the city are the best part. I love learning new things about different cultures!

I love helping people to improve their English with a focus on fluency and pronunciation. I can also teach a little bit of Business English.

Come improve your English with me 🙂

My English Level is C2.

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Hlavní kontakt: Tel: 720 934 085, Email: anglickyzarok@gmail.com
Záložní kontakt: Tel: 735 701 525

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