Teaching English,
32 years,
PhD student of the Czech Technical University in Prague,
Level B2 (TOEFL score 86, 2014),
Language tourism in Canada, 1 month,


I am called Svitlana. Born in former USSR, I was growing up in Ukraine. Excellent knowledge, hard work and luck allowed me to study in Europe. Till today, I am a holder of two Master Diplomas in Civil Engineering. From 2016 I am a PhD. student at CTU. My research lies in the field of steel joints behaviour within the new edition of EN 1993-1-8. I am a practising engineer as well. I perform statistical calculations and design for membrane structures in the Czech Republic. And only my fluent English has made these achievements possible.

It was 2014 when I decided to apply for a Master Course from Erasmus Mundus. I had all the documents needed except English Certificate. There were only two months to improve my language skills. The issue was not just to pass TOEFL exam, but to increase my low level of  English till the level of “confident user”. That was a unique chance, one in a thousand, to dramatically alter the course of my life. I've accepted a challenge and pulled off a miracle.

Thanks to the Programme I was studying in three EU countries, namely, Sweden, Italy and the Czech Republic.That was unforgettable time full of excitements, emotions, new friends and new knowledge. I’ve learned English since my first year in a school, but the real results came only in preparation for the exam. I have personally experienced the techniques which indeed function. Learning any language is hard work so prepare well, put in the hours and you will achieve your goals, meanwhile I'll be by your side to help.

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Svitlana Kalmykova, Ing.

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