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My name is Gary Dabar, 20 years old girl. I am from New Delhi, India. I am a very frolicsome person, I like adventures. I am an easy going, frank girl. I respect people around me, I expect the same from them as well, a cooperative and respectful life is all I admire.

And now if I talk about my education then all my education has been in English language since I’ve started going to school till today. English and Business Studies are my favourite subjects. English has helped me a lot at the turning points of my life.

I would like to share a story how English helped me, I came here to the Czech Republic for the first time and I did not know Czech language and lost the keys of my apartment. And I was new here so did not know what to do and I tried to talk with people around me like my neighbours but unfortunately they did not know English but finally when I tried approaching others, they knew English and gave me the number of my building manager and my manager as well spoke in Czech and I got nervous but when I told him I don’t speak Czech, then he spoke in English and finally I explained him my problem and that is how I was able to solve my problem with help of English.

It is an international language so we don’t have to face so much problems if we know English.



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